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US Locum Tenens

Why Use Locum Source

There are times in our life when things happen unexpectedly. Whether it be a hospital or clinic closing, contracts not renewing, having unexpected financial burdens and needing to earn extra income, or maybe you are feeling the burnout from administrative hassles and an overbearing workload, locum tenens provides a variety of work options at any stage of your career. Locum Source has practice opportunities all throughout the U.S. ranging from weekend call coverage to long term options and permanent positions. Whether it be for only a stage of your career, or whether locum tenens becomes a lifestyle for you, the options are endless. Our experts at Locum Source will help you find the right opportunity that meets your skill set, personal and financial requirements and time commitment. We will guide you through the locum tenens process and make sure that the licensing and credentialing processes are seamless. We understand how important it is to feel satisfied in your career and we are here to help make that happen.

U.S Locum Tenens

We Devote Our Time To You So You Can Devote Your Time To Those Who Need You!

Why do providers choose to do locum tenens?
  • Choices – As an independent contractor you will have the freedom and flexibility of deciding WHEN, WHERE, and for HOW LONG you want to work. We partner with hospitals and facilities throughout the U.S that need coverage for as little as weekends to full-time help. Locum Source works with people who do locum tenens while they take the time they need to find the right permanent position, who are needing to make some extra money, and with people who have made locum tenens their full-time lifestyle. Let your Locum Source recruiter know what areas of the U.S you’d like to work in, how much availability you are able to offer, and we will notify you when opportunities arise that fit your interests.
  • Reduce Burnout – Tired of dealing with the daily grind of practicing medicine and working 60+ hours each week? By doing locum tenens, you decrease administrative responsibilities and take back the joys of practicing medicine. Locum tenens gives you control over your career and the opportunity to do the things you love. Take the vacation you’ve been wanting to take, pay down debt, or supplement your retirement.
  • Traveling Experience – Find yourself wanting to travel more? Choose assignments in locations that you’ve always wanted to visit. Locum Tenens provides you a way to experience new places and meet new people. By doing locum tenens, you will have access to opportunities in places you may never think to visit.  
  • What’s included if I decide to do locum tenens?
    • Excellent compensation package
    • Medical Malpractice Insurance
    • Credentialing and licensing assistance
    • Flexible work schedule
    • All paid travel expenses and access to our in-house travel agent

Licensing and Credentialing Services

We understand how daunting paperwork can be. Our team is here to help alleviate and streamline the paperwork process for you. Our goal is to make the process easy and painless, so you can begin your locum tenens assignment as soon as possible.

  • Our credentialing specialists will work closely with you and the hospital medical staff to ensure that all credentialing deadlines are being met to ensure that you start working as soon as possible.
  • Our licensing specialists have access to all 50 state licensing board application. We will help pre-populate application, follow up on verifications, and keep you informed on where we are in the process

Licensing Made Easy

With the introduction of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC) and the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC), you may be eligible for multiple state licenses in only a matter of a few weeks. Currently, 24 states participate in the IMLC and several more states are in the review process of entering the bill into their state.
80% of physicians meet the requirements of licensure through the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. To begin the process, you will be required to complete an online application, pay a non-refundable $700 application fee, obtain fingerprints and complete a national criminal background check. You will be notified via email if you qualify for licensure through the IMLC.

Click here to see if you qualify:

Nurses also have access to expedited licensing through the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The Nurse Licensure Compact provides nurses with the ability to quickly provide care to patients across the country. Through the NLC, nurses will be able to travel for disaster relief situations without having the burden of waiting for state licenses to be issued as well as allowing nurses to practice in person or provide telehealth services. In turn, this will assist in alleviating the cost of obtaining several state licenses. Similar to the IMLC, the NLC has a set of requirements that need to be met in order for nurses to qualify for licensure through the Nurse Licensure Compact. 

To find out if you qualify, click here: 

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